Cory Everson


During a competitive career that spanned the 1980s, Cory Everson was the prime force in women’s bodybuilding – both in terms of contest results and as a spokesperson for presenting the sport to a wider public. An outstanding track and field athlete while attending the University of Wisconsin, Cory entered her first bodybuilding contest in 1980. Her stunning breakthrough year was 1984, when she won the National Physique Committee Nationals heavyweight and overall titles; weeks later, she won the IFBB Ms. Olympia crown, toppling reigning champion Carla Dunlap and two-time champ Rachel McLish in the process.

From then on and until she closed out her competitive career in 1989, Cory Everson won six consecutive IFBB Ms. Olympia titles (she is unique among Ms. Olympia’s in that she never lost an Olympia contest). Cory was the sport’s most popular female during her reign, and she attracted tremendous media interest internationally as well as in the United States. After retirement from competition, Cory’s overall athleticism and bubbling personality led to numerous television and movie.


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